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Timothy Lee, EIT

Timothy joined Rigsbee Engineering in 2021 after earning his BS in Civil Engineering from UC Irvine, and becoming a certified Engineer in Training (EIT). Known for his problem-solving prowess and innovative approach, he has quickly become a vital part of our operations.

At Rigsbee Engineering, Tim has done fire protection engineering design work, calculations, and code analysis on several interesting and challenging projects including new design and retrofit of fire sprinkler systems in multiple occupancy types. Additionally, he has been involved in the structural design of projects ranging from residential to commercial and special occupancies designing HPS anchoring, reinforced concrete, steel, and timber members.

When he's not helping clients, Timothy is furthering his expertise at California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo, where he is pursuing an MS in Fire Protection Engineering. In his free time, Tim is an avid spear-fisher and camper, embracing the beauty of nature and the thrill of the hunt.​

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