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Fire Protection Engineering

Fire and Life Safety Systems Design

At Rigsbee Engineering, we offer top-tier fire protection and life safety design services. We specialize in tailoring fire alarm systems to suit your needs, and designing sprinkler systems, including wet pipe, dry pipe, and special hazard suppression systems to combat fires effectively. Our expertise extends to creating standpipe systems for larger buildings, advanced smoke control systems to manage visibility, and reliable fire pump and hydrant systems.

Design Services

Fire Alarm Systems

This includes the design and inspection of various types of fire alarm systems, such as addressable, non-addressable, wireless, and networked systems.

Sprinkler & Standpipe Systems 

Designing and specifying different types of sprinkler systems like wet pipe, dry pipe, pre-action, deluge, and residential sprinklers.

Egress Design

Development of complete egress strategy including occupancy calculations, exiting path, and exit discharge.

Special Hazard Supression Stystems

Designing suppression systems for special hazards, which may involve the use of foam, clean agent, dry chemical, or water mist systems.

Smoke Control Systems

Design of systems to manage and control smoke in a fire event, such as mechanical smoke extraction systems and pressurization systems.

Fire Pump Systems

Designing and specifying fire pump systems to ensure adequate water supply for fire protection systems.

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