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Forensic Engineering

At Rigsbee Engineering, our forensic engineering services encompass a broad range of fire protection and structural engineering capabilities. Leveraging our extensive experience and unique perspective in fire protection engineering, we go beyond conventional investigation methodologies. Our in-depth understanding of system design and implementation enables us to perceive and comprehend issues that others might overlook.


We excel at distilling complex technical principles into simple explanations, aiding non-expert participants in understanding the causality of events. 

Fire Protection Investigation

We offer comprehensive fire protection engineering investigation services, which include investigating fire losses and conducting thorough analyses of the events leading up to the loss. Additionally, we provide expert witness testimony and litigation support, contributing our specialized knowledge to legal proceedings.

fire scene


Our analysis services include assessing structural responses to fire and explosions, performing egress calculations, studying occupant behavior, and conducting fire risk assessments. Additionally, we provide in-depth fire dynamics analysis and inspection of detection and suppression mechanisms, including mitigating dust hazards.

Fire Extinguishing System


We offer a comprehensive inspection and analysis of system failures, primarily focused on vital fire protection mechanisms such as fire alarms and sprinkler systems. We also carry out detailed analysis of smoke control measures and chemical agent suppression systems, with an additional emphasis on egress.

Leica scanner

Computer Modeling & 3D Scans

Our computer modeling services examine a range of parameters including human behavior in fire, tenable environment studies such as carbon monoxide, heat, smoke, visibility, egress pathing, fire dynamics, computational fluid dynamics, pressurization, and wind modeling. Where valuable, we will also utilize our 3D laser scanning capability to enable more precise analysis of a scene.

fire code

Codes & Regulations Compliance

We ensure compliance with relevant building and fire codes and standards, including those specific to California as well as international codes. Our expertise extends to National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards, Society of Fire Protection Engineers (SFPE) guides and best practices, American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) standards, and analysis of building construction and code compliance/deficiencies.

Structural Investigation

In our structural investigation services, we focus on the meticulous inspection and evaluation of construction defects and provide expert structural engineering solutions. We undertake comprehensive structural evaluations, covering both vertical (gravity) and horizontal (lateral) systems, to analyze the integrity and safety of the building.

Our expertise extends to examining different aspects of building structure, including framing, racking (storage) systems, and foundations. These evaluations allow us to detect potential weak points and failures, and identify preventable measures.

We also extend our structural investigation services to litigation support. In these instances, we provide professional expert opinions and advice, backed by our in-depth understanding of the structural engineering field, to assist you in legal proceedings concerning structural issues.

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