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“We used Rigsbee Engineering to assess flow across an intricate exhaust system and were impressed by how thorough they were. The analysis was done to an impressive level of detail and the team was diligent to meet our specific needs and time frame for this project.”

Davis Muxlow, Project Engineer, Critchfield Mechanical, Inc. of Southern California

During the build of our cannabis grow facility, we ran into an issue with the fire sprinklers and light deprivation curtains. As a result, construction was completely stopped, and it was costing us significant time and money. Rigsbee Engineering helped us to resolve the issue quickly and get the necessary sign offs from the fire department so that we could get back on schedule."

Trevor Leeds, Cheif Strategy Officer, Dr. Robb Farms

We were red tagged for un-permitted work, and the city was asking for changes that weren't feasible. Rigsbee Engineering acted as our advocate in working with the city to ease the requirements, and was able to design a solution that worked for both parties.  I'd recommended them for anyone who is stuck or unable to get their project approved."

Grant Miller, Owner, Miller's Woodworking

"I hired Rigsbee Engineering to help with a residential kitchen and bathroom remodel and I could not be happier with the work performed.  Mr. Rigsbee prepared a complete set of plans that were approved by the City without incident.  Mr. Rigsbee remained involved with the construction and was accessible to the contractor to answer any questions throughout the construction.  When construction subcontractors created problems, Mr. Rigsbee was happy to jump in with creative and effective solutions.  Mr. Rigsbee is honest, diligent and highly knowledgeable.  I highly recommend Rigsbee Engineering."  

Justin Daily, Owner

"My company has utilized Rigsbee Engineering to perform tenant inspections to evaluate their occupancy and use in regards to fire hazard and other safety concerns.  Ryan performs those inspections in a timely and professional manner, which always includes a succinct and detailed written report that highlights any areas of concern. 


We have used these reports to effectively increase our tenant’s safety protocols and reduce our potential risk management liabilities.   I would highly recommend Rigsbee Engineering to anyone looking to do the same."

Craig Ersek, President & Principal, Cedar Realty Management

"Mr. Rigsbee is a highly skilled and qualified Fire Protection Engineer.  We employed his expertise on a large Hospitality project, the installation ran smoothly from start to finish due to his design expertise.  We were very pleased with his performance and would recommend him for any Fire Protection project."

Queen Gonzalez, Intelligent Fire Systems & Solutions, Inc.

"I am writing this letter to ask you to seriously consider Ryan Rigsbee as your civil engineer. Ryan excelled in all areas of every civil engineering assignment such as drawing up structural plans, room additions, surveying sites, writing technical reports for specific projects, writing budget reports for cost estimates to name a few. He assisted with both foundation and structure designs. Ryan is always my first choice because he's a quick study, moves at a fast pace from the simplest assignments to much more complex ones that impact the safety of my clients. 


I would not have completed assignments as quickly without his valuable contribution. He presented some new and innovative ideas for interfacing civil engineering projects with the natural environment as well as using organic and sustainable materials to the greatest extent possible in civil engineering projects.


I am extremely confident that you will be pleased with his ability to learn your processes quickly and turn out the highest quality work. Please feel free to contact me at (310)-339-3533 or should you wish to further discuss Ryan's qualifications."

Fred Elder, Owner, Freddy's Fix-all

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