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Fire Protection Engineering

Code Consulting

At Rigsbee Engineering, we specialize in comprehensive fire protection engineering services, emphasizing proactive and open communication with clients. Our code consulting services leverage technical expertise to ensure compliance to building and fire codes, while balancing the client's needs in addition to navigating specific AHJ requirements.


Our team of dedicated experts ensures that your projects not only meet but exceed safety standards, while continually keeping you informed and involved throughout the process.

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Our Services

Building and Fire Code Reports

We provide detailed reports in adherence with building and fire codes, ensuring your property is compliant.

Fire Modeling

We offer complete computational fluid dynamics modeling based in Fire Dynamics Simulator (FDS) for performance-based design and post-fire reconstruction of events.

Owner's Representative & Third-Party Review

Our experts meticulously review construction plans, providing a third-party perspective that ensures all aspects of fire safety are considered and complied with.

Fire Risk Assessments & Protection Outlines

We offer in-depth assessments of potential fire risks, along with comprehensive fire protection strategies tailored to your specific needs.

Means of Egress Evaluation

Our team examines and evaluates the safest and most efficient routes for building occupants to exit in an emergency.

Tenant Code Compliance Inspections

We offer inspections to ensure tenants comply with all necessary fire codes, mitigating risk and promoting safety.

Emergency Response Planning & Management

We develop emergency response plans, enabling swift, effective action in the event of a fire.

Inspection, Testing & Maintenance Assistance

Our team provides assistance for ongoing inspections, testing, and maintenance of fire protection systems.

High-Rise Requirements and System Design

Our firm specializes in fire safety requirements and system design for high-rise buildings.

Stairwell Pressurization 

We perform and analyze calculations for pressurization of stairs and door opening forces in high rise buildings.

Areas of Expertise

Structural Fire Protection

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

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Thermal Sciences & Fire Dynamics

Fire Safety Regulation & Management


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Egress Analysis & Design

Water-Based Fire Suppression Systems

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Fire Detection, Alarm, Communication System

Flammability Assessment

Smoke Management & Special Hazards

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