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Sean Hooper

Sean Hooper is a seasoned project manager with a wealth of experience who joined Rigsbee Engineering in 2023. In his role, Sean is dedicated to overseeing and coordinating Rigsbee Engineering staff to ensure all aspects of project deliverables are completed on time and within budget as well as remaining aligned with the specified objectives. His invaluable skillset stems from successfully managing project implementation for a diverse range of City, County, and State agencies as well as firms in the private sector.

Before joining Rigsbee Engineering, Sean made significant contributions to the field, leading the professional services arm of e-PlanSoft and Providing project coordination at Owen Group. His expertise extends through navigating the procurement process for government contracts as well as implementations, integrations and change management with influential agencies like The State of California OSHPD, Kern County, CA, City of San Diego, City of Fremont, City of Irvine,all in California as well as across the US with The state of Michigan, and the City of Arlington in Texas. Sean's global experience includes a two-year stint as a project manager for TATA Interactive Systems GmbH in Germany, where he contributed to multiple projects including the design for the Deutsche Bahn Management Training Program.

 Mr. Hooper holds a Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration from California Polytechnic University, San Luis Obispo. Even outside the professional realm, Sean's organizational prowess shines through. In his free time, he has collaborated to establish an annual music festival in the picturesque Joshua Tree, CA. Sean Hooper is not just a project manager; he is a dynamic professional who brings a unique blend of expertise, global perspective, and a passion for organizational excellence to the Rigsbee Engineering team.

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