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lax locker.jpg
LAX Police Locker

Industry:     Transportation, Airport

Services:     Air-Flow and Pressurization Modeling


Analyzed the airflow for 56 lockers in a double-row and T-shaped offshoot with an exhaust plenum above. The HVAC system exhausts air through each locker and out through the plenum above. A 3D model was analyzed in Fire Dynamics Simulator and another model was analyzed in Contam. These results were provided to the mechanical contractor to validate their proof of concept and general design parameters. Results were provided in video format showing pressure, and flow through the lockers and plenum. 

837 w 82nd st.jpg
W 82nd St., Los Angeles

Industry:     Residential, Multi-Family

Services:     Fire Sprinkler Design

This fire sprinkler project is for a 3 story modular 3-story residential building constructed of reconditioned shipping containers. 

LAC Coroners.jpg
Los Angeles County Coroner's Office

Industry:     Public

Services:     Fire & Life Safety Assessment 

The Department of Public Works utilizes a deferred maintenance program for this facility. Our Assessment was used to ensure continued safety of county employees. Deficiencies and corrective actions were reported pertaining to the building, fire, and life safety systems.

BLACK 9.jpeg

Industry:     Oil & Gas

Services:     Third Party Fire Protection Report 

A site survey was completed on for multiple wells and out buildings on the leased land. A third party fire protection report including a hazardous materials management plan (HMMP) and a hazardous materials inventory statement (HMIS).

AGMG Endoscopy Center

Industry:     Healthcare


  • Physical Environmental Checklist (PEC)

  • Fire Risk Assessment

  • Inspection, Maintenance and Testing Report

  • Facility Certification with AAAHC and CMCS

Associated Gastroenterology Medical Group and AGMG Endoscopy Center, an ambulatory care facility, is an out-patient facility which provides anesthetizing procedures in a medical office building adjacent to a 24-hour hospital. Recent changes in the certification process for CMCS and AAAHC updated to newer edition of the Life Safety Code (NFPA 101) which references the Health Care Facilities Code (NFPA 99), also updated. Each certification body conducts a survey in accordance with the Life Safety Code to ensure the ambulatory care facility meet all provisions to safeguarding patient’s lives.

petsmart santa ana 2.jpg
PetSmart, Santa Ana

Industry:     Retail

Services:     High-Piled Storage 

This pet supply store was sited by the local fire authority for high piled storage (HPS). The retail store had existing permitted and unpermitted HPS. The scope of this project included Fire protection, and Structural engineering. Commodities classified, aisles and flue space detailed for HPS storage. 

just tires.JPG
Just Tires, Tustin

Industry:     Automotive

Services:     High-Piled Storage 

This Just Tires location was cited by the Fire department for unpermitted high piled storage (HPS) of rubber tires, a high hazard commodity. Rigsbee Engineering provided Fire Protection and Structural Engineering services to resolve this issue. Design and engineering included a new rack layout plan with proper aisle widths and structural analysis for gravity and seismic loads on the existing foundation and walls of the building. Rack design was in accordance with 2016 CBC, ASCE7-10, and ANSI MH 16.1 Specification for the Design, Testing and Utilization of Industrial Steel Storage Racks. This complete package was accepted by the building department and fire department for construction.

Grey Cubicles
Muskrat Ave., Adelanto

Industry:     Cannabis, Extraction Facility

Services:     Code Consulting, Fire Protection Report, Hazardous Materials

Assisted architect and owner on this cannabis extraction facility in the City of Adelanto. Fire protection engineering consulting to achieve plan check approvals with the City of Adelanto and the San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCoFD). The facility uses CO2 and ethanol extraction techniques.

CSU Long Beach

Industry:     Higher Education

Services:     Hydrant Flow Test, Water Flow Analysis

Fire Hydrant flow and pressure testing at California State University, Long Beach. Water flow report provided to client for fire department.

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