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GH1, GH2, GH3

Industry:     Cannabis, Grow Facility

Services:     Third Party Review


Third Party Inspection and Report for three grow houses (green houses) detailing how the fire and life safety systems comply with code requirements on a prescriptive or performance-based approach. This included fire modeling of active light deprivation curtains activated by the detection and suppression system.

parcel 12.jpg
Parcel 12

Industry:     Cannabis, Grow Facility

Services:     Fire Risk Assessment 

This facility, under construction, and had issues with light deprivation curtains and the fire department. The project was at a full stop. A fire risk assessment was conducted quickly and submitted to the fire department. An evaluation of the building systems was completed along with analysis of the egress system, fire scenarios, and event tree modeling. The fire risk assessment was accepted by the fire department enabling construction to continue.

Grey Cubicles

Industry:     Cannabis, Extraction Facility

Services:     Code Consulting, Fire Protection Report, Hazardous Materials

Assisted architect and owner on this cannabis extraction facility in the City of Adelanto. Fire protection engineering consulting to achieve plan check approvals with the City of Adelanto and the San Bernardino County Fire Department (SBCoFD). The facility uses CO2 and ethanol extraction techniques.

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